I love techobabble, but I'm not really a fan of terminology


Strange, isn't it? I admire it, but I'm a plain English kinda gal.

You know, I really wish I was the kind of person who could just sit and read a book on a programming language. Or even just read about stuff on my computer screen. But the last time I tried to learn a language simply by trying to understand the documentation and then try to do exactly what it said I got absolutely nowhere... and it didn't work in the slightest and I didn't understand why.

I guess a way you could write it is it's more like the documentation is only there to supplement my debugging, rather than something to read to gain an understanding before applying? Does that make sense? I guess I very much learn by practice, I just can't sit there with a textbook, I just have to do it and refer back to notes when I need to find how to do something specific. But that means I always need material to start from. I can't start with a blank slate because I don't know where to begin then, there's nothing to refer to - that's why I can change things, but not create them. I need code to start off with, but not a riddle of words...

This is why I have no creativity, but my thoughts on that another time.

Anyway, I started working through the JavaScript parts of Codecademy this evening - your mileage may vary on the site itself, but it seemed decent enough. What irks me though - particularly in the JavaScript track - is the fact that it keeps telling me to 'run the code' to see the initial output, but there is no option but to do so other than 'Save and Continue', which then tells you that you obviously haven't completed the exercise. Well, duh!