Humility or Reality

Terminal window on a MacBook Pro

It was interesting this past Saturday evening when during his introduction at the Mythbusters Live, Adam mentioned that he could do lots of different things, but he wasn’t particularly good at anything - or something to that effect anyway. Ruben immediately turned to look at me, and I knew he was making a point, since this is something I say often, you can even see it in my description: jack of all trades, master of none. Often I’d envied his specialisation of virtualisation and the cloud, where did my such specialisation lie?

I say specialisation now because can one ever really become a master of anything? There is so much to know, and there is so much that is as yet unknowable to us. You could be the lead in your field, but still not truly be a master. Our upbringing and schooling often wants to make us the ‘best’, and this is even what drives business as each strives to be the ‘leading edge’. Yet at some point in our lives we all learn the reality that there is always someone better, but then there is also someone probably worse. So where does this upwards trending graph end? Is there a best of the best?

So is saying you’re not really a master of anything humility, or just reality?

ETA 2014-08-27: I realised what Adam actually said was closer to ‘I’m mediocre at everything’.