hugo and brew updates

Nothing too special, just some observations from today. I ran a brew update and brew upgrade recently on my work machine in order to install some PHP things for work. The times I run these commands are few and far between usually, because I’m lazy and also because I don’t want things breaking… usually the former, though I give the latter as my reasoning after it broke the dates on my Jekyll site back in the day.

Thus, it seems, I finally upgraded to Hugo v0.14 without planning to.

$ hugo version
Hugo Static Site Generator v0.14 BuildDate: 2015-06-17T06:43:06+10:00

I wouldn’t have noticed this if there hadn’t been some warnings spat at me:

ERROR: 2015/09/22 Site's .BaseUrl is deprecated and will be removed in Hugo 0.15. Use .BaseURL instead.
ERROR: 2015/09/22 Template's safeHtml is deprecated and will be removed in Hugo 0.15. Use safeHTML instead.
ERROR: 2015/09/22 Paginator's .Url is deprecated and will be removed in Hugo 0.15. Use .URL instead.

I guess I wouldn’t have noticed them if I had stayed on v0.13 anyway, but it’s aggravating that this could potentially break if I ever needed to reinstall or update. Also aggravating that no one told me… seeing as everyone else is so updated.

Interestingly, if I just try to update hugo by itself on my usual laptop (I hate people that say ‘production machine’, even if it’s true) using brew upgrade hugo, it says it’s already installed and remains on v0.13.

$ brew upgrade hugo
Error: hugo 0.13_1 already installed
$ ls -l ($ which hugo )
lrwxr-xr-x  1 kiri  admin  30 33 Sep 11:39 /usr/local/bin/hugo@ -> ../Cellar/hugo/0.13_1/bin/hugo
$ hugo version
Hugo Static Site Generator v0.13 BuildDate: 2015-03-10T13:34:36+11:00

There’s a thread over here on the Hugo support forums, but it’s not particularly useful. It’s not the first time this is happened, but I can’t decide if it’s a problem with my homebrew or the way they’ve set it up, or homebrew itself hah.

If ‘others got this working’, I wish they’d posted a link to it, because it’s not working for me either when I fully uninstall and reinstall, or try and upgrade. Clearly it worked on my work laptop though.

UnHappily, hugo isn’t the only thing changing:

$ brew upgrade
Warning: brew upgrade with no arguments will change behavious soon!
It currently upgrades all formula but this will soon change to require '--all'.
Please update any workflows, documentation and scripts!

Sigh. I can’t keep up with this anymore.