We should all just give up

From the Appearance and Fashion episode of ‘How Not To Behave’ on the ABC, today we have some important lessons when it comes to how your appearance can impact your career. Your career determines your livelihood these days so no kidding that it’s pretty important.

  • Blondes earn 7 per cent more than women with other hair colours (ABC News)
  • Taller people earn more money - they make $789 more per inch per year (Live Science)
  • Workers who exercise regularly earn 9% higher pay on average (Yahoo)
  • Women who wear make-up can earn more than 30 percent more (Forbes)
  • A handsome man can earn a fifth more than a plainer colleague, but attractive women will face discrimination when applying for masculine jobs (The Telegraph)

Actually that Forbes article seems to list everything else on this list. The only other takeaway is that people trust those wearing formal clothing like a suit more than someone in casual. What did they say about dressing for the job you want… actually that’s just bullshit. We just all need to wear formal/business wear.

Anyway given the points above, as a short female with black hair who dresses casually and doesn’t wear makeup I’m screwed. I can’t comment on my looks, but let’s say trying to make it in a male dominated field is shit as.

Basically, we should just give up. Everyone.