Bomb threat in Hornsby

POLICE rushed to a shopping centre in the Sydney suburb of Hornsby this afternoon amid reports of a suspicious package.

Officers cordoned off a small area near The Blu Water Grill restaurant at the Westfield mall after a bag was left there. One man has been taken into custody.

The restaurant’s manager told 2GB Radio’s Ben Fordham the man bought a mineral water with $20, then walked out, leaving the bag behind and telling a waiter it contained a bomb.

The rest of the shopping centre continued to operate normally. Police now say the situation has been revolved, and the bomb threat was a hoax.

How scary to think that there was a bomb scare in Hornsby today just a few hours before Ruben and I walked obliviously into a cafe just on the outskirts of Westfield. With these incidents happening in Sydney and Paris and possibly elsewhere in the world, I guess it pays to be wary even if did turn out to be a hoax this time around.