Can someone bring UNIQLO to Sydney?

Artists' Impression of Flagship store

The opening of Hong Kong's three-level UNIQLO global flagship store in Causeway Bay today was pretty widely reported on, but I only heard about it this evening as my parents watched Hong Kong's news at the dinner table - and yes it pretty much does look like the image above now it's opened. I can't read much on their website, but the company invited locals as their brand ambassadors, though I only recognise the first - Miriam Yeung.

Apparently this store is also the world’s second-ever UT Store (though I'm not sure what that entails), after the upscale Ginza shopping area in Tokyo and more UNIQLO retail stores are set to launch in Hong Kong to join the already existing 16, even despite the astronomical rent. Hong Kong is seen as extremely international and a gateway to other places, which allowed chairman, president and chief executive, Tadashi Yanai, to expand overseas after failed attempts in London and Shanghai.

UNIQLO seems interested in continuing their expansion globally though, so here in Australia (Sydney, specifically) where there are more than enough people who know about UNIQLO and are crying out for it to be brought here... I wonder if it will ever become a reality? Did that sentence make sense?

Uniqlo is embarking on a rapid international expansion that will see it open new stores across Europe, the United States and the Asia-Pacific. The firm, which has more than 1,200 outlets worldwide, plans to open between 200 to 300 new stores each year.

Even one store amongst those 200-300 to be opening each year would be nice, although one has to wonder what their prices would be like translated to over here - anyone at the Melbourne store to give us insight? Regardless though, at least they would likely carry clothing which I can stand to wear!

Source: Campaign, South China Morning Post.