Clunk clunk

Trams in Hong Kong

I've been experiencing practically every form of transport there is available in Hong Kong and tonight I finally got on one of those trams I've seen go by so many times. Although they look sturdy enough on the outside, and super-retro on the inside, they seem to feel like more of the retro part than the sturdy part. The whole two-decker carriage sways back and forth the moment the tram starts moving.

I'm told that travelling by tram is dirt cheap (about $2.30HKD), but certain times of the day will obviously take a while because they use the roads and have to pay attention to road rules, with the added negative that they can't weave like a vehicle through traffic. If something happens to be covering up the track – that's it, you're stuck waiting for a while. The reason they're dirt cheap to ride though is because they're using obsolete architecture which they're probably not maintaining anymore... or are they? Safety standards can be a little shaky in these parts.

Wooden interior of tram
Wait, so this is mostly wood?

It's nice to get on one if you like going on a trip into history, but I wouldn't recommend tram as a method of transport unless you got quite a bit of time on your hands and just don't feel like walking the distance. Taking the MTR has been a pleasure so far though, and will get you anywhere really quickly though rather a bit more costly – honestly also dirt cheap if you compare it with Sydney's rail prices though.

It's likely these trams will vanish off the streets in maybe 20 years though, given their current condition, so... you might as well ride them while they last!