Hong Kong: Day 8 - Hong Kong University, Golden Computer Arcade

Typewriter at HKU

If I thought yesterday was uneventful, today could also be counted mostly so. It was interesting, but at the same time somewhat boring, given that it was mostly a day dedicated to visiting my parents' friends in Hong Kong. Some of them remembered me because I'd been extremely young the last time my parents returned to Hong Kong, but all had never met my brother since he actually had never ever left Australia before. I had, even if I didn't remember it.

Now that I'm on this topic though, I don't think I'd ever take a baby overseas. It would probably be better to take them when they are a little older so they can experience some things even if they might not understand them, rather than having to deal with a screaming baby all the time while overseas. At least while a toddler, they would be more manageable (so wouldn't disturb everyone else, hopefully) and curious. But that's just my reasoning, and of course babies are free to take.

In any case, we started off the day early by heading to breakfast with my dad's friends at Hong Kong University by bus. During the ride I fell asleep – I'd been rather reluctant to wake up in the first place. We entered the uni and met with my dad's friends before we were led to the Senior Common Room for breakfast. It was an honour to be in there, since the only reason we could was because of the seniority of my dad's friends. Afterwards my dad's friends disappeared for various reasons and we wandered around before we could meet up with one of his friends again after a short meeting. He then took us on a tour of one of their newer buildings. It was extremely nicely furnished and it was interesting to hear my dad say how it had good feng shui.

Information Technology Services department

We took a taxi through the campus to the Information Technology Services faculty (?) of the university in Cyberport which I thought sounded like the coolest name ever. Dad met up with his old friends and workmates and they all chatted and took photos before we left again – because it was a work day and they were still busy, although mostly senior enough to stop for a while.

Shanghainese lunch

We wandered around Cyberport for a bit. Connected to the office buildings was the Arcade at Cyberport, and in there we looked at the decorations, ventured outside to see the view and then back inside for lunch at a Shanghai restaurant. The food was great and I noted it mentally as somewhere I would definitely take Ruben if I could.

Sour and hot soupTeaMeat and noodlesThe same thing?

We crossed the road outside Cyberport to catch a lightbus (16 people only) back to Admiralty MTR station, where we changed to a connecting service to Sham Shui Po. As we stepped outside of the station, there was a large market there which we wandered through for half an hour or more before we finally made our way to Golden Computer Arcade. I'd been waiting to come here for a long time, since there were probably lots of computer goodies there, but I wasn't sure what I could find. We also wasted time trying to locate each other (we'd split into pairs), because my dad hadn't noticed the text message I sent him as he'd gone on ahead. Ultimately there wasn't really enough time to find what I wanted to look for… which was a shame.

Street market

We took the MTR a few more stations down to the new offices of my mother's old company when she'd worked here in Hong Kong before she and my dad migrated to Australia. There we met some of her colleagues as well as seeing some of their office culture. I'm not sure if I prefer that of Australia or Hong Kong. It's certainly a lot harder to get space to work in here, all the cubicles are tiny, even for the executives.

We finally left them to finish their work at the end of the day and made our way back to our hotel because we had a dinner appointment. However upon reaching our hotel, we found both doors to our hotel rooms couldn't be opened. It's possible the cause could have been the fire at North Point station, but in any case, my dad went downstairs and got new cards for both doors which worked. We still were able to meet our appointment downstairs in the restaurant.

Restaurant at City Garden Hotel

I wanted to take a solo walk around the hotel after dinner, however my parents objected, saying it was 'obvious I looked like I was from out of town'. I ended up taking a walk with mum while dad and my brother returned to their hotel room. It was an interesting late night walk, but I still wish I could have done it alone.