Hong Kong: Day 6 - Macau (What just happened?)

Starbucks sign in Macau

Look here, it's a Starbucks sign!

I would probably say that today has been the most uneventful day for us, since we were all so tired we'd stopped caring about certain things already and were pretty much flagging from tiredness the minute we stopped moving around. The first part of the day, we hiked up to Guia Fort and Lighthouse for some exercise and sightseeing at that high point before meeting with some of our uncles from yesterday outside of our hotel. They delayed by about half an hour, so I napped in our hotel room before we went out.


We went for a drive around, first going back to the cemetery from yesterday where they showed us the other location we hadn't managed to find, as well as took us to the newer cemetery. Then we went to lunch, whereupon the data on my phone stopped working as we neared the end of it. I searched desperately for wifi, but it was almost impossible to find, especially while moving in a car – the minute we connected, we were already out of range again.

My brother and mother both fell asleep on either side of me as we drove that first trip to wherever we went. Both leaned on me, and it was kind of annoying but funny at the same time. We stopped at a beach eventually for a bit, then further along at a small temple, drove by police officers (polìcia!) doing training exercises absailing down a rocky wall, before we ended up at a much larger Tin Hau temple.


The temple was pretty majestic and a temple like the Nian Tian temple in NSW near Canberra wouldn't have held a candle to it. There were intricate carvings in every pillar, on the stairs, on walls, delicate decorations and bright paint on the pillars and roofs – the entire temple was spectacularly designed and it was obvious a lot of effort had gone into making it and continued in maintaining it. In comparison, the Nian Tian temple would have been considered plain.

Dragon decoration

I don't really recall what happened afterwards, or have a clear idea what happened today. I fell asleep somewhere along the way, and we ended up.. somewhere! However, we did stop on the way back at a store which my dad remembered from a long time ago. He told us afterwards he was sorely disappointed as the 'dessert shop' used to be by the sea, overlooking it, but over the years the bays had been slowly filled in, and now the view is like any other – full of tall buildings.

We ate Portuguese tarts, 'steamed' rice tarts, my dad and mum shared a 'swallow's nest' tart and we drank iced milk tea, sweet watercress drink and my brother had a coke, while my uncle had a hot lemon tea. I tried to add the white sugar to the iced milk tea rather than the liquid sugar, whoops…

Shopping street

We headed back to the city since it was getting late and my uncle saw us off at our hotel. After hanging around relaxing, we walked out to buy souvenirs to take with us. Somehow we ended up at Wynn, looking at the water and light show and the dragon show and wandered through Emperor Hotel looking at their gold bars embedded in their floor. We continued wandering around and around, first looking for stores, then once we'd asked how long they would be open, we wandered to look for food.

Wynn Hotel decorLightshow at Wynn HotelDragon show at the WynnGold at Emperor Hotel

After much getting lost and being helped by an extremely kind young woman, we finally reached Dai Sam Ba where there are streets of shops as well as a street where they sell street food. My family tucked into a takeaway bowl of offal, but it wasn't for me and I abstained from eating it. Finally we went to a Koi Kei for souvenirs as it seemed there was really nothing else in the street to eat. Consuming a bunch of their taste-testers, we purchased our items and left to find dinner.

We wandered along the streets, lost as we frequently were in Macau these days, but randomly came across a Portuguese restaurant which suited us fine on our last day. We ordered some of the dishes the waitress recommended, ate quickly (or tried to) and left to return home.

It's been a long couple of days and Macau was interesting in its own way, but I much prefer Hong Kong over Macau and shall be glad to return. Not to mention there's better mobile internet there and a public transport system! As well as sane drivers. :D