Hong Kong: Day 5 - Macau (Hotel Hopping)

Portuguese style building

This was not a typical day – we started it off with a breakfast at the hotel. This was the first hotel breakfast since we started our holiday so it was a bit of a change. I decided to grab some stuff I liked the look of and ended up gathering a bit too much food, some of which I left on the plate... So pretty much was told off about it, which was nothing new I suppose. Still, the amount my family ate was a little shocking to me.

We stepped out into the street and went for a wander, looked at some more Portuguese style architecture and wandered into a park for a while, before we started on some of our plan for the day. Stopping by a market, we picked up four bunches of flowers before we continued on our way to the.. cemetery. We were visiting ancestors and although ultimately my dad could only locate one of the four we wanted, we left all the flowers with that one and paid our respects before leaving.

Lou Lim Leoc Garden

We stopped by Lou Lim Leoc Garden in our wandering around. It's one of the gardens which was once owned by the owner of the mansion mentioned in the previous post. He was wealthy and had several properties, and this was just another of his many places, although thanks to the course of time, it too has changed from how it used to be.

It was interesting to see how there was a mix of Portuguese and Chinese style architecture in the garden, but I can't be sure if I'm interpreting it properly or not. The size of the garden was pretty amazing and it was interesting to observe the many people who had turned out there to practice music or were there to practice tai chi.

Mix of Chinese and Portuguese style?

We hailed a taxi shortly after that to cross the bridge to one of the other islands of Macau to get to Galaxy, since as part of the package with which we got our ferry tickets had included a meal at the Galaxy. I thought the trip was short, but it turns out I was deceived.

As we entered though the front doors, a fantastic and timely water and light show started at the fountain at the entrance so we stopped to watch before continuing on our way.

GALAXY hotel in Macau

We claimed our meal after much wandering around because my dad couldn't follow instructions and went to a Korean restaurant for lunch where we all had Bibimbap. My parents also claimed the casino credits and entered the casino, however as both my brother and I were underaged, we didn't enter and stayed outside. I passed my time in a nearby Starbucks where I ordered an English Breakfast Tea Latte, which was okay, but not that special. :)

We managed to snag our way onto a shuttle bus to the Venetian from Galaxy, so arrived there rather quickly, rather than trekking all the way there or catching another taxi. Climbing escalators, we followed the crowd to the Grand Canal Shops which were presented like the city of Venice, with the canal running through the middle, stores on either side. The sky was fake though, but the overall effect was still very pretty, though it was dimly lit for some reason. Made for some hard and blurry photography.

Venetian Resort Hotel

We walked through several times, since I wanted to shop at various stores and my mum was extremely disinterested and much more interested in the free samples of food being handed out. My brother and father were mildly interested in various things like camera stores. A lot of the stores there were outside my price range, however I could pick up small souvenir items and otherwise at the couple of places I stopped at.

Whatever I picked up was admittedly rather cheap in terms of the price converted to AUD, but I felt they were more suitable than most of the expensive items. Finally, tired and wanting to leave, we actually wandered outside to take photos, into Sands where there was one of those fountains where water droplets falling from the ceiling form words or images and a lot of fake foliage and water displays, wandered again outside admiring the buildings and eventually back into the Venetian again for a quick bite before we finally made it outside (in the proper place, too!) to a shuttle bus to leave.

Sands Hotel

It was a roundabout way, but we travelled from the Venetian to Macau Ferry Terminal, and from there to the Lisboa Casino, after which we could walk back to our hotel at a short distance. After some freshening up, we met some relatives downstairs and went off to a dinner with other relatives. I felt like there were quite a few awkward silences, but it could have just been me.

Regardless, it was okay and the relatives were kind enough although I still have no idea what any of their names are. :'D We're meeting them again tomorrow though and they'll be driving us and showing us around since as I mentioned before, the only way to get around is taxi or bus!