Hong Kong: Day 3 - Tai Koo Shing and The Peak Tram


Despite waking up the usual time this morning, I had a lot of time to fix up this blog as we ended up leaving our hotel rather late. After a McDonald's breakfast (only to try out the menu), we stopped at Sheng Wan with the intent to buy tickets for our trip to Macau tomorrow. The advice yesterday from our relatives was to just buy the tickets before we left, but the concern with that is not being able to buy seats on the ferries, as it's often rather busy and it certainly seemed so as we stood around in the bustling terminal awaiting our turn at the counter.

As my parents went to deal with the ferry tickets, I ducked into a nearby store 'Okashi Land' to look at the food wares there. I ended up buying something for my brother and myself since I spotted a bunch of Japanese figurines on a shelf in the corner. Naturally I pounced on the Tiger and Bunny item I saw and he on the Pokemon item. I'm happy that I managed to obtain Bunny from that box, but it was amusing the information on the box was labelled as 'candy' and indeed there was a tiny piece of chewing gum in there along with the figurine.

So I had paid $30HKD on a small piece of gum, with the little mobile-keychain-figurine for free?

Tiger and Bunny figure

Once my parents were done, they also ended up coming over and we walked away with a few extra boxes of biscuits as souvenirs to give to friends, before we were hurrying to Tai Koo to meet my other relatives for our 2PM tea appointment with them. Given the previous night, I wasn't really looking forward to the meeting, I'd much rather we did something on our own in that time.

To my relief, the relatives this time were lovely and extremely friendly. As an added bonus though, my uncle chatted to me about IT as we walked to the Bistro where we were to have afternoon tea. One of the things I remembered was him mentioning how no one expected phones to swallow both computers and TV, and most people had thought that computers would swallow both. This led to some interesting discussion for a while.

NoodlesMore noodles

At the restaurant, we met with my other uncle, and he tried to question me about myself, whereupon my first uncle told me I should answer with a question and make him guess, which my second uncle did. I realised that I was surrounded by people with a sense of humour. Given my parents often don't understand when I try to make jokes, I was interested to see that my uncles were able to freely joke around like that. Even less than an hour ago when I tried to crack a joke with my mother, she looked at me blankly.

There was a lot of excellent food from Tsiu Zhou, washed down with strong and pleasant Chinese tea mixed with good conversation about both Hong Kong and Australia, with my parents urging my relatives to be sure to come over and visit Sydney sometime. Well I certainly wouldn't mind if these relatives came!

Fried rice

We went back to Cityplaza/Tai Koo Shing Centre afterwards to do a little bit of shopping. And I say a little, because it was basically only I that did any. My uncle recommended we visit Muji before he left, so we looked in there for a bit before returning to our scheduled programming. I was excited about going to UNIQLO that Rubenhttp://rubenerd.com had told me all about, but that was somewhat short-lived as my mother seemed determined to ruin the moment for me.

In any case, even though there are no pictures, my wallet tells the story.

Times Square

We skipped off to have a look in Times Square for a bit afterwards, my dad returning to the hotel while the rest of us went ahead. My mum wanted to go through Jardine Crescent first though, which is like a bazaar/market. It was interesting though you should always watch your bag and I was tempted frequently but only sparing amount was spent in the end.

Despite Times Square being interesting in itself, the stores in there didn't really pique my interest, though I did take a ride up and down the curved escalators which I found rather cool. :'D

Peak Tram

While it was getting late, we hurried back over to The Peak Tram to catch it back up to Victoria Peak to see Hong Kong's night view from a different angle. While the trip up was amazing partly because of the view and partly because of the literally almost 45 degree slope we were tilted at, the view from the free Observation platform was even more spectacular, although it had the added bonus of being super, super cold because of the frigid winds that battered us. My fingers were like icicles and I developed a headache.

Well, I suppose it was worth it.

Victoria Peak nightview

Then it was all business – going back down the mountain on the Peak Tram, getting lost among the streets, catching the tram home and to packing a smaller suitcase for Macau tomorrow! Not an overly eventful day, but not bad!

(Thanks to @domossu for pointing out typos)