Hong Kong: Day 2 - Ocean Park and Relatives

Cable Cars

After some much needed cleanup this morning, we headed out to have some breakfast where our orders were mixed up (it cost the same anyway, but it apparently wasn't that great), before we went on a long walk to the bus terminal to catch what else but a bus to visit Ocean Park. On the way we passed some locations that were part of my dad's childhood, like where he'd lived once, places he'd gone to school and we passed the Tian Hau Temple.

An interesting point is that the Tian Hau Temple used to be right by the sea, but as they filled in the ocean and began to develop outwards, the sea is now far away from where it used to be and there are markers for where the coastlines used to be in various years. Back to the temple though, fishermen were the ones who usually worshiped there as Tian Hau looked after fishermen. I'm not particularly religious, but it was polite to bow as you're 'visiting another's house'.

Eventually meandering to the bus terminal, after a short ride we made it to Ocean Park. Ocean Park is in some ways just a really big and spread out aquarium, but there are some special parts to it, one I would say is Old Hong Kong (basically ~60s style HK in a street) and the second the cable car ride (above). I wonder how much of it is bias, but my mother praised this place highly and was critical of aquariums in Sydney and Brisbane. I admit they probably have different ways of doing things, but I don't consider which is better or worse. The main reason I'd decided to come here in the first place though, was that Yoo Jae Suk had to come here in the Hong Kong two-parter of Running Man, and he'd stood right in the panda exhibit where I was today, though he was waiting for hours. It was exciting recognising that little corner. :)

Old HK at Ocean ParkSnake at Ocean Park
Fish at Ocean ParkJellyfish at Ocean Park

There's not much to say except we wandered over the entire park, looking at all the exhibits. I got tired of trying to take photos and just mostly looked at stuff and stood around as my brother and father enthusiastically snapped photos and my mum trailed along. We took a ride on the bus and MTR back to the hotel and prepared to visit our relatives.

I don't know whether it was the case, but I felt there was a definite favourtism of my brother. It also seemed to me like the two other girls teenage girls there were 'sucking-up' to their grandmother a lot, or at least lavishing her with praise. Still, the food was okay, but I'm not really that enthusiastic about visiting there a second time. It was rather nerve-wracking... especially with forgetting how to properly address people.

Nice view though.

Happy Valley

Compared with the hottest-day-on-record weather which Sydney faced today though, the weather in Hong Kong was almost frigidly cold at a about 14-17 Celsius, what made it worse was the windchill. Strangely enough, I'm somewhat sad I missed out on a historic moment.