Hong Kong: Day 11 – Mong Kok and Airport

HK International Airport - Departures

Posting this just for the sake of completeness, but there's not an awful lot to write about. It was our last night in Hong Kong but we'd stayed up late the previous night watching a movie on TV featuring Steven Chow - a hilarious period piece. I only figured out his name last night because I'm notoriously bad with names, but either way, I recognised him and the movie was fun and silly.

That made us wake a little later than intended, but nonetheless since we'd started packing the minute we returned to our hotel, we were mostly set to go although worried we would go over the weight limit. Thankfully that was not the case, as we later found out - we were actually quite a lot under, although my dad's suitcase ended up being exactly 23.0kg.

Anyway, we checked out and stowed our bags with the hotel as we did some last minute shopping. First we went to McDonalds for a quick breakfast, since we hadn't tried their breakfast menu yet, and bought another of the four zodiac toys, while I ducked across the road to a Starbucks and picked up a souvenir mug for Ruben. We set off again immediately after though - in part due to the fact I wasn't getting any 3G inside the depths of that Maccas.

MongKok Shopping Streets

We took the MTR to Mong Kok and I wandered with mum through the still-opening Ladies' Market while my brother and dad went to look a cameras. Mum and I also went to Hollywood Plaza, where there's a store that specialises in stuff like sparrow's nest and dried scallops and chinese mushrooms, so on. I waited while she made the purchases and then we went back downstairs and through the now opened Ladies' Market.

I wanted to grab one last thing from Sino Centre - which was the ultimate Otaku's Paradise, although you had to be wary of bootlegs - but unfortunately although we waited, the store didn't open so we were forced to leave if we wanted to make our flight. We dashed back to the hotel, and dragged our luggage to the bus stop, onto the bus and napped on the way to the airport.

Ajisen Ramen

I appreciated the airport this time, with the high ceilings and the comfortable facilities. There was even charging ports for phones which was awesome. Comparing it to Sydney International Airport… I have to say I preferred Hong Kong International Airport. We had a late lunch at Ajisen Ramen and passed through customs onto the plane. Pretty simple and was somewhat like our process going over to HK.

More HK International Airport - Departures

The flight was shorter, but seemed longer given we had to add three hours back onto what had been our local time for less than a fortnight. I watched one movie, then we had dinner and I fell asleep during the second one. I was awoken by breakfast, then I watched some anime before we landed. Anime?!

I don't know what it was, but that flight made me more tired than anything else. I suppose that's usual? No better wake up call that we're back in Sydney than Cityrail deciding to cancel a train for the day and make us wait though. It was the end of the vacation. I can't say I'm glad that it ended now, but I am glad to be back in Australia, even if not necessarily back home. I just wish that my parents would take the proper lessons from the things which our distant relatives and family friends had told us, rather than taking the wrong ones and comparing their kids to their friends'.