Hong Kong: Day 10 – Coastal Defence Museum and Mong Kok

Museum of Coastal Defence

These get shorter as I near the end of my vacation in Hong Kong, but I suppose it doesn't feel like there's much to be written. Early this morning we wanted to fit in some last-minute sightseeing after visiting the bank so after breakfast, we took the MTR out to Shau Kei Wan to visit the Hong Kong Museum of Coastal Defence.

Ship figure display

It wasn't really what I expected from such a museum which was built in a fortress, but nonetheless, it was interesting to walk through and see some of history and how the British and Chinese forces cooperated, as well as just seeing the relics from the past. The fortress makes you want to see it in its former glory though, the way it had been renovated into a museum did indeed make it seem more of a modern establishment than the historical location it once was - but perhaps you could say the same of the museum at the Rocks which Ruben and I explored.

Situational model

After we were done, we headed to Mong Kok again, where after a strange fusion-styled meal at Sweetheart Garden Steakhouse, my family split several ways, some of us going to the Computer Centre for various tech stuff, Sino Centre for Otaku goods or 'Ladies' Street', a market full of cheap goodies. We were expected at a dinner with distant relatives, however, so we had to leave Mong Kok at a certain time and ultimately I didn't end up buying all the items I'd planned to. It would have been nice to wander there until the stores closed, although the numbers of people milling on the streets were astronomical.

In a reply to a tweet of mine earlier! The streets were easily many times busier by the evening.

Absolute necessity in Asia! RT @hanezawakirika: Should put crowd weaving into use! http://yfrog.com/nvwpyhej - @Rubenerd

Dinner with family was better than I expected in some ways, but I didn't really enjoy the food very much. I also didn't really know many of the people there, but it was interesting to hear about the relatives I didn't know I had in Canada. Apparently my mid-30s-ish relation is getting married soon!

Well, one more day until we can leave. I'm hoping I'll be able to purchase some last-minute things before we leave, but we'll see. I'm fairly happy about leaving, but the packing sure isn't ever fun~