Hong Kong: Day 1.. Kind of.

Hong Kong International Airport

The last 48 hours (or more), of my life have been so bizarre. Some in good ways, some in not so good ways. It's slightly surreal to think that even a day or so ago, I was spending an extremely nice day with Ruben – one of the best days in my life, if not the best. Then in a rapid turnaround, I spent the whole of today on a plane, which is definitely not something I want to do again with a mother and baby next to me while sitting in one of the rows of seats in the middle. Thus I barely moved for 9 hours.

(Mostly I'm just stung I didn't get to look at the clouds. I love clouds and the irony is that the people that were sitting next to the windows didn't seem all that majorly interested, when I was craning out of my seat for a glimpse.)

Still, now that I'm finally here in Hong Kong, I am kind of looking forward to seeing some things, despite still being here totally reluctantly. The place doesn't seem totally foreign to me as I thought it might, just like Chinatown but basically... everywhere. The only other thing is probably... I'm just not used to so much Chinese too. I can see I'd have no problems learning more hanzi if I lived here and saw so much of it on a day-by-day basis.

Well, just something short, I suppose, since I should be going to sleep, but I wanted to write something before I forgot it. No photos to include in this since this is really, really quick. I might post up photos soon though, when I actually have something to show. :) And told my mum about Uniqlo, so maybe we'll be able to visit one, or maybe not.