Innovative honey flow

Only three days into an IndieGoGo Campaign, and already a team from Byron Bay have already raised $2.7 MILLION out of the target $70,000 goal for an innovative product called Honey on Tap.

The idea is clever, allowing hobbyist or other types of beekeepers to safely ‘raid’ beehives of their honey without needing all of the usual gear - smoking out the bees and to calm them, extracting the honeycomb and cutting them, so on. This method is less invasive, despite the fact that their honeycombs are structures created for them that they seal up with their own wax.

While harvesting this honey, the honeycomb is cracked open with the turn of a lever and the honey trickles out. Then the honeycomb can be reformed, and the bees continue their business.

Sounds like a sad life for a bee, but lots of goodness and enjoyment for the thieving humans. Now you can have unprocessed, fresh honey right from your garden.

To be honest I have no idea how it would be practical in my own garden, but the idea is fascinating and I would like to get close to one and examine it. Would bees begin flocking over to it and using it as their base if I just leave it in the garden? This kind of lack of knowledge is probably why I shouldn’t start being a beekeeper without either training or large amounts of research.

More: Update: This figure is now almost $3.4 million, as of 2702.