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Haha. Well... I might as well. This way I can look back too, and I won't lose it.


a) What I learned ... ... useful? About what people felt were ethical and unethical? During the Case Studies where we voted, I found it useful to see what professionals had to think, even though I had my own strong views and code of ethics.

...interesting? The Code of Ethics for the ACS? We had such trouble trying to come up with our Codes because they were so specific, however, the Code of Ethics for the ACS is simply written and covers a large amount of aspects. Although it allows interpretation in different ways, it's still fascinating how it can be so simply worded and yet apply to so many situations. (I feel that useful and interesting really do cross over however.... Both this and the point mentioned before are both interesting and possibly will influence our professional behaviour.)

... good? Can I be general and say everything? Everything is very relevant to what skills we will need in order to be a professional IT person, and therefore good for me and my future. There was nothing I learnt during the lesson which I would define as 'bad'.

b) One thing I found ... ... useful? I think this appeared mostly in the form of the video. I reflected on the way I present and decided that perhaps there are things I need to work on too, as ... scornful as we may have seemed about the man's presentation. That's not to say anyone performed badly however, since I watched everyone presenting their case studies and they were all very good.

...interesting? The Codes of Ethics everyone came up with? It showed a different interpretation of the question we were given and I realised that there were in fact many things we were overlooking in our Code of Ethics as we were focusing too much on one thing, perhaps.

... good? Generally how we worked in groups with people we perhaps didn't know that well still. It was an enjoyable experience and I would love to work with those people again.

c) One thing I found... ... difficult? Well, nothing was particularly difficult about the lesson other than trying to come up with the Code of Ethics when we were interpreting the question a certain way and it seemed everyone else was interpreting it in different ways. We sort of got a little hemmed in by our interpretation of the question - I should quote our presenter and say our three codes were awesome though.

... not useful? I had no problems with the lesson, and found it all very interesting and relevant as I said before. However perhaps if different cases were given to all the groups to do the group activities, it would ... avoid certain things like 'Yeah, what the other group said before', however seeing someone else do the same presentation lets us see what WE did wrong in ours and note these for next time. ... So maybe another case study would have also been interesting and useful? - Can use what we noticed was wrong the first time and try again? (However I think students will probably not be happy with longer lesson?)

d) Questions or Comments? ... I have no questions for this workshop.

All comments are written above in my responses also. (And in the previous blog entry if interested...?)

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