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Something ... a) learned Well, I learned the accurate method of determining the reliability of a resource. Although usually similar steps are taken to ensure that a source seems reliable, often there are steps missed, such a checking the date perhaps, and simplifications of steps, such as merely checking that an author seems to have credentials, or that a resource from the web is from an educational institution rather than checking both of these and considering if there would have been an editing/checking process to it's publication. I felt this was good so that I realised what I was doing wrong/was not doing, and could use this process to better determine if the resources I'd collected could be trusted (and not mislead me!).

b) found useful. Determining reliability? Useful for determining if a text we select can be trusted, and therefore also useful in terms of gathering resources for our assignment(s). (What I mentioned previously as well) My dad also mentioned to me previously about the slide thing, that you only had to have enough data in a presentation to guide your presentation, but the information is coming from you yourself. I actually asked him though, since I was looking over his should at a presentation he was working on, and noticed the presentation was quite simplistic. This is a point which has stuck with me (although I haven't really used it before)... However, I agreed completely that this is a highly effective way of presenting, and I'm certain the class will see this as useful too.

c) found difficult. Merely some of the sample text assessments, where it asked 'Completeness' and we could only reply with a 'assumedly'/'apparently' as we're not experts on the subject, and would not really know if anything was omitted or not. However assumedly if the source was an unbiased one, it would be complete... Otherwise the lesson was good, and having a look at the TED video was good. My father visits the website and downloads videos and we watch the talks on new innovations and so on. There was nothing particularly difficult about the lesson itself however.

How was your participation in today's class? Give yourself a score out of 5. Write your reasons for that score. 4? I did not keep quiet in class, even though I am more of the shy type, unless I'm around people I'm quite familiar with (is 4 weeks enough?). I talked with the group, gave my ideas, worked together with everyone, so I believe I acted like a good team member. However, I could have gotten more courage and volunteered to get up and present, perhaps. However, Alex volunteered. Although I gave her my booklet to bring up to the projector....

(I took some pictures of the pages we completed in the booklet for Su to see what we did that day, as she was sick)

And... since I am here...

Kirishima Ayama = 霧島綾真

霧 = Kiri (mist) 島 = Shima (island) 綾 = Aya (figure/design/twill weave) 真 = Ma (just, right, pure, genuine)

Ayama is styled on my last name, which in Kanji is 謝, and read as Ayama in some ways. (also read Shya)

EDIT: Email by Friday? ARGH I'm so very sorry. >_< I wrote down the questions, so I didn't read the email properly. D:

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