Healthy, Moderate Behaviour

social media on a tablet

From The Sydney Morning Herald:

Dr Shanton Chang, a senior lecturer at the University of Melbourne who studies online behaviour, says people put up selfies to seek validation.

“At first it seems very fun thing to do, but then you get into that cycle and start to get hooked on the validation you get from friends for the selfies you put up,” he told Fairfax Media. “It becomes a game - the more you put up, the more people comment, and the more likes you get.”

Dr Chang says people can get addicted to the feelings of validation they receive, but admits that posting more than 200 seflies per week is not “moderate behaviour”.

“With most humans, healthy behaviour is [defined by] moderation. [...] Two hundred selfies a week is not moderate in any way, and there has to be other issues at play here rather than just taking selfies,” he explains.

I’m not a selfie taker, but this quote is relevant for more than just selfies. It’s relevant for various other kinds of online behaviour, for example… 500+ tweets a day, perhaps? Non-moderate behaviour happens for many reasons, but I’m not deluded enough to think I don’t have issues. Even though I don’t tweet that much anymore, it’s likely more because this sense of validation has disappeared, not because I don’t want to.

Interesting read, all the same. It would be nice to be an internet celebrity.. maybe.