Happy New Year 2015!

Fireworks at Marina Bay, Singapore

Happy New Year from Singapore!!

This is my first year ever celebrating the new year outside of Australia, and not only that but I get to share the spectacular Marina Bay fireworks with Ruben. I have many hopes for this year, so hopefully it will bring something nice. But my biggest wish of the coming year perhaps anyone can guess - I won’t tell you in case I jinx it.

I was trying to double time it, recording the event on my phone while simultaneously trying to snap shots of the fireworks on my DSLR with my other hand. Whether I was successful or not remains to be seen. Multitasking is only a myth after all, we are only supposed to do one thing well. But I was determined to capture this moment. THIS moment. With all my Singaporean friends and acquaintances somewhere out there in the crowd, perhaps passing by or being captured in my video without knowing it.

Sydney’s already celebrated the new year for a couple of hours now, but Singapore time has felt more natural to me. Perhaps I was made for this time zone - or perhaps I’m just imagining it or it’s wishful thinking. That’d be right.

With that, we traipsed the busy streets home to our serviced apartment. Ruben’s not been feeling well so we had a garlic laden supper to ward away the vampires. Hope he feels better soon.

On that note, Ruben’s got a post over at his blog too if you want to read it.