Happy New Year 2014

Clara taking a photo of Ruben taking a photo of clock before new year

Now that I've written and posted something nonsensical for my first post of 2014, hello and welcome to 2014! If you're one of those countries that have passed into 2014 anyway. Sydney is widely reported on New Year's Day even in foreign news because New Zealand is apparently not large enough to care about, but it just means others have that much more to look forward to!

I don't like to be retrospective on the past year usually which is why I wrote no post in the last day of 2013 other than about Chinese films. I suppose that in itself had the message of really just spending time with friends — since I found that movie while searching for films to watch with Ruben and Seb. We had a small New Year's Eve party yesterday where we simply snacked, played Nintendo Wii and watched a comedic HK film and episodes of Regular Show.

New Year comes about every new year, so to speak, so over the past few years with the anime club, it me has been a chance to hang out with friends. Much more worthwhile than sit around at home just like most other days of the year, until finally heading out in the evening for fireworks.

While I love fireworks because I like both lights against the night sky and the opportunity to photograph them, it doesn't matter a great deal to me where I see them. Or even if we don't see them at all, as we didn't this year as we were either otherwise occupied or riding a train to Chatswood at the time. You can read more about that in Ruben's blogpost.

Fireworks on Urbanest's Roof

I will say though, 2013 was a year of ups and downs, but what year isn't? I don't feel like I'm going anywhere or have really grown any (maybe actually the opposite). But I did try doing things I hadn't before. Overall, it was a good year thanks to the many friends who made it so, and Ruben who always had my back and was by my side through thick and thin (what's thick and what's thin though?).

Now I can finally give my dodgy 3 key on my keyboard a break and move on to the number 4. Though the number of times I still accidentally hit the 2 key would signal that my hands still think I'm somewhere in 2012 sometimes.

I don't usually make new years' resolutions either, but there are a few things I want to achieve this year, because I'm tired of things always remaining the way they are. Above all, I hope I can be more assertive and vigilant in my journey to reaching my goals. And happy. If there's anything I would like for 2014, is an end to this trickery and a bit more acceptance.

Let's all enjoy 2014.

Photo taken by Seb.