Happy Easter

A good Good Friday to you all - see what I did there? To discuss matters to do with the season and all, namely eggs (not so much chocolate), let’s have a look at a latest kimo-kawaii character from Sanrio, Gudetama.

Gudetama is pretty much a lazy/unmotivated egg (or egg-product), though an entire egg or just the egg yolk is sometimes debatable. Apparently his attitude relates to the fact he only exists to be eaten, which seems fair enough in that case. For some reason I find him unbearably cute though the winner of Sanrio’s competition, Kirimi-chan, an anthropomorphic salmon fillet also has a strangely cute charm.

This simple level of Japanese I can understand at least, phew. Reports about Gudetama need to stop mentioning “tomago sushi”, when it should be “tamago sushi” or “tamagoyaki” however.

Have a nice long weekend, everyone. :)

Gudetama: Twitter, Sanrio site