Happy Birthday, @SkysWhisper

Drawing of Matsuouka Gou from Free! for Tori's Birthday

Unfortunately not what I intended to draw but it’s from Free! at least. Late in my time zone, but still quite on-time in Canadian ones. I’m not currently awake enough to be inspired to think of creative poses, so this is what transpired, though an idea flashed into my mind now that I’ve finished drawing it — of course.

It actually hasn’t been that long that I’ve known Tori, though the years blurring together kind of makes it seem longer. At first we met occasionally on Livejournal when we both posted fanworks to the main Hitman Reborn community. Communities are small places though, so inevitably you start to make friends with the people there, and sometimes you start to make friends with their friends too.

Something of the like occurred here, and before I knew it myself and a few others from Livejournal had reincarnated ourselves muses on Tumblr, Formspring, Twitter, more Livejournal. Tori followed J., and I followed Tori, and somehow eventually we ended up mostly on Formspring with a great many others, slowly building a new community away from the confines of Livejournal, yet at the same time supplementing with mixtures of IRC and Skype and eventually Twitter.

Lots more happened, but it’s not going to fit here. Regardless, it’s probably been around three years that I’ve known Tori and it’s been an interesting experience to say the least. At some stage I’d planned to try and go on exchange to Canada to perhaps get a chance to meet her for real and sit under her window with a…n instrument as she sometimes talked about, but I didn’t end up following through with it as my university didn’t have a partnership with her specific university, or even anything in the local area (could go to Ontario though).

She had a Gokudera anyway, so it was time to hang up the suit, the rings and the 2444-year-old mannerisms for a while, and I withdrew from the roleplaying world to focus on the real one.

Perhaps one day I’ll finish those half-written 5927 fanfics, or perhaps someday I’ll access my remaining Twitter RP account for a special occasion, even though he no longer really has a place to return to. For now though…

Happy birthday, Tori!