Happy Birthday, @Rubenerd

Ruben at Blu Water Grill with Cake for his birthday

Birthdays only occur once a year (or once every four years for some unlucky people born on Feb 29) and are curious things.

For some people, they abhor the attention, and I know of at least two people that are this way. They simply cannot stand all eyes pointed at them for this one day in the year and the onslaught of well wishes, despite the good intentions of friends simply wanting to wish them well. Fair enough, there are always some who are insincere amongst the many that are sincere.

Then there are those that spend the date pondering getting older, and I know at least a few of these types too. They are concerned about their ages, about getting older, about the future. Cast those thoughts aside now, friends. You are awesome and our friends no matter what age you are (and all of you who do this don’t even resemble your real age on the outside). And besides, there are plenty of people way older than you.

Feel free to tell me you’re old when you have another 100 years added to your age. :)

Some people are the complete opposite, and some people are combinations of these. Whatever the way you celebrate your birthday though, I hope it’s one you can enjoy it thoroughly regardless, which I’m glad to say was the case for Ruben today. It’s less of a celebration of you turning older, but a celebration of you and the amazeballs you are.

Nadeko figure by Taito with Beach Queen Merry's doughnut life preserver on her head

Stuff that happened

Stuff happened today, first and foremost. That’s important, because otherwise there would be nothing for me to write. Forgive a distinct lack of some photos because I had the foresight to leave my camera behind at Ruben’s house…

First off was a breakfast in the morning, where Bircher Museli and French Toast with pears was quickly scoffed down, followed by a dessert of cake, brought over by singing staff members who had keenly noticed it was a certain someone at the table’s birthday. I suppose all the wrapping paper gave it away.

We then returned back to Ruben’s place where we proceeded to shed more wrapping paper all over the place, and cover an entire table with new possessions! Nothing like a birthday (or Christmas) to increase the amount of possessions one has~

After a short tickle session, we left the house to the head to city, whereupon I picked up one last present for Ruben and we hung out at a Starbucks (a tradition for him, I am told) before heading back to make some German food for dinner. We were still completely full after such a late breakfast that it seemed a good occasion as any to completely skip lunch. Personally I wasn’t sure whether I was just not hungry or feeling slightly sick from too much lactose, but nonetheless I made it through the day!

Selfies, Alpaca and Merry, Ruben and Clara

Of course there was the few inevitable curveballs, such as our train terminating at Pymble unexpected from a variety of reasons where I’m sure one of them is the real one. Multiplied by the fact that some plans fell through and a thermos was accidentally left behind, but at least for the latter I will do all I can to rectify this situation.

Nonetheless, I’m glad to hear that a great day was had by this lovely boyfriend of mine. He was showered with gifts which only comes to show how much we really love him. No, gifts are not a measure of love and should not act as a substitute, but for me at least I feel as if he has earned the right to be spoiled a bit, and to gain all that he has wished for or items that he will enjoy or find useful.

I hope that he enjoys the small party we have set for this Sunday and a final HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU~~ for this 2014 (well, for today anyway — the process continues on Sunday)!

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