Happy Birthday, @Rubenerd! :D

Yuki wishing Ruben a Happy Birthday

This post is way too short and much too undeserving of the epic post which I received from you last year for my birthday, but I wish you a very happy birthday in this year of 2013, Ruben! I wanted to post this before the day ticked over into the day after! In any case, it would seem Yuki wishes you a happy birthday too. ^_^ (I wish I'd had time to draw you a picture though!)

I hope you liked the presents you've received and that you had a great day, despite the lengthy university classes and being plagued by a headache. A least there was Japanese curry and Mexican and good coffee? :'D

That being said though, that's not all the birthday celebration you will get, so be ready for more! :) As you said to me last year, don't you dare ever stop being epic! I wouldn't forgive you, and all the many friends you have now wouldn't either!

Ruben at Daruma for curry birthday lunch

・::・。(〃・ω・)ノ Happy Birthdayヽ(・ω・〃)。・::・゚

Image from Danbooru. ^^;