Happy Birthday, @dekopatchi

Pokemon I brought to Amy's birthday adventure as props

It is with great trepidation that I left the house this morning to the Pokémon-themed birthday surprise that Vadim had gone to great lengths in preparing for his girlfriend, Amy. Knowing what to do was one thing, but carrying it out was another; just as enacting it in the comfort of your room/mind was one thing and doing it in public with people staring at you was another.

Thankfully the surprise seemed to go well, though it wasn’t without its few hitches. People ran to hide as Amy’s unexpected choice of route almost jeopardised the surprise, and nervous adrenalin thrummed in our veins as we waited for updates on Facebook, each reporting their status or the status of those around them. We worried when we lost sight of our quarry valiant Pokemon trainer. It felt like a secret operation — which it was.

Just as thankfully, the heavy rain just held off until the end of the operation — a good days work as Misty, even as Misty had nothing really to do with the weather. Things of water come under me though, right?

Amy and I are from the same high school, along with others such as Kenny. Although I vaguely knew them from the grade below mine, there had always been a negative perception from my grade about the grade immediately below ours. That clearly does not apply to these girls I’ve come to know, and it’s good to be afforded the chance to get to learn more about these lovely Hornsby Girls.

Even as I waited in the fading sunshine, dark clouds beginning to gather and strangers coming up to me asking if I were about to put on a magic show, I was glad to be a part of Amy’s birthday surprise and helping out a long-time friend, Vadim, in creating this unique experience for his girlfriend.

Even though I haven’t really known you that long — happy birthday, Amy. :) I hope that you and Vadim will have just as wonderful birthday adventures in the future. Keep praising helix.


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