Happy Anniversary, @Rubenerd!

Happy one year anniversary, Ruben!

It's hard to believe it's already been a year and so much has happened and changed in between when we were both too shy to be much more than good friends and now; but even then there was still a strong, undeniable bond of friendship between us which is still there and stronger than ever. What could I say now that I haven't before? I don't know, because I'm lost for words.

I guess they say that an image speaks a thousand words, so I hope you'll let the drawing above do so. Originally I wanted to use this picture by ぱふふ, but then I really wanted to use an image which I had made myself. While it's not the best picture I've drawn and I haven't drawn a portrait in years (it's either Same Face Syndrome or Inconsistency, I can't win!), I'm still mostly happy with how it turned out though there is a lot I would have tried to change if I had known how! This picture shows where I want to be, where I feel at home and at ease.. where all is right with the world, hopes for the future. Although it's imperfect, it might be my favourite picture I've made.

In any case, I hope you like the first Perl script I've ever written, Ruben! I had to make sure it worked somehow, right? (Used the Java way at first, obviously threw errors in my face.. /facepalm) I know how much you love Perl. :) I was going to attach it here so you could run it if you felt like it, but it seems Ze VPS doesn't want to let me! But I digress... It maybe fitting, but I used these posts as a reference. Which initially made me confused, I'll admit. But it's written just in case you're using a different operating system. ;)

#!/usr/bin/env perl -w
print ("Happy Anniversary, Ruben!\n");

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