Happy 11.12.13!

Gatchaman Crowds wishing you a happy 11.12.13! Well, if you live in parts of the world where you write the day, month then the year, or I suppose you could also celebrate 13年12月11日 instead. Some of this gang certainly look happier than others, but Hajime always manages to look happy about something.

It's a momentous occasion that has happened elsewhere in the world in another month of the year already, but all the same, it's something special — there can't be 12.13.14 next year after all!

Well, unless you live in America.

I almost missed this occasion, and probably would have entirely if I hadn't been reminded of it by Ruben! For some reason I could think of nothing better to do than draw characters from Gatchaman Crowds holding such signs.

Apologies for the image quality — I'll try and do something further about that.


Ruben also has a post for the occasion!