[Hakuouki] Live Drama 2010

Possibly one of the best things ever is this Hakuouki Live Drama I found a couple of weeks ago just after completing Okita’s route for the first time in Hakuouki ~Demon of the Fleeting Blossom~. A most intense and thrilling ride, it was inconceivable that it suddenly end, but never fear — a fangirl’s fun never truly ends.

This live drama is basically set out just like the game in visual novel format, the seiyuus appearing on the stage to vocally recreate these historical, yet fantastical, characters as the characters appear on a screen overhead to give context to the audience. It doesn’t take itself seriously which is great fun, and does what the game never completely does in its entirety, which is acknowledge how much the other characters other than Chikage Kazama want to be with the main character, the heroine Yukimura Chizuru.

Okita Souji in Hakuouki game

I’m sure I’ve got the order of those names mixed up somewhere. If you’ve time and enjoyed it, it’s worth checking out the 2009 version as well, or even the 2011 (b) version. I have no idea what happened to (a), but it must be out there somewhere. Hopefully along with what appears to be a stage play of Hakuouki I am now dying to see.

Are there any more live dramas than this? With what appears to be Hakuouki ~SSL~ becoming popular, I sure hope even more content and merchandise will be heading my way soon. It seems to be a very good time to be getting into, or getting back into Hakuouki!

Why talk about this rather than probably more important world issues? I’m so done with Australia — if they want to vote a buffoon in, these same people can deal with the consequences. I’ll be taking my leave as soon as can be! I never was too Australian anyway…