Hair, Mavericks, Pudding and Storms


Although our plans today again were somewhat different to what transpired, today was definitely a fun day. After my not-so-subtle hinting for the past few months, Ruben finally went and had a hair cut today! Even though I also liked his long hair, seeing his short hair is also a nice treat. It'll be interesting to watch his hair get lighter over the next few weeks or days as it gets sun bleached again. What can I say? :)


Ruben also helped me out in installing Mavericks today. I can't get used to that name. I spent most of yesterday evening cleaning out and sorting my files as well as doing a full backup of everything, since I was going to wipe my solid state drive and start afresh. Ruben usually waits for a second release before he installs stuff and I was going to as well — avoiding temptation as best as I could — but since he installed it a few days ago I decided to as well. This is a first post!

To that I added a new name, since I name my MacBooks by install, not the device itself. Yes, that is a bit strange as far as most people are concerned, I guess. This MacBook has therefore had three names now — "Oreki Houtarou", its original name; "Kyon", the name its had since March this year when Ruben helped me install my shiny new solid state drive; and now "Itsuki", again to still compliment his MBA, iYuki.

I have realised, I do not have a SINGLE image of my entire Desktop from Kyon, or not that I've been able to locate so far. The photo below is perhaps the only one I have, and it's just the login screen. I don't know if the screencap of the wallpaper only counts.


You can see all three installs below though!

Oreki Houtarou - Screen Shot 2013-02-18 at 1.23.08 AMKyon - Screen Shot 2013-06-05 at 6.20.20 PMItsuki - Screen Shot 2013-11-15 at 8.00.58 pm

"Itsuki" still needs a new wallpaper. Which reminds me, I forgot to rename my startup disk. But I think I can live with that, considering I changed the drive entirely last time, so it makes sense (the one previously was called 'Sencha').

I guess this is why I don't often do new reinstalls. My phone's been "Chitanda Eru" throughout the switch from Gingerbread to Ice Cream Sandwich, but since the install wasn't done by my personally, I didn't change the name. With my new switch to CyanogenMod though, I changed my phone to be called "Ryuji", since Ruben's phone is iMinorin. Yes, I do tend to be a little... obsessive.


Finally, the greatest thing ever — pudding ice-blocks! We happily munched down some lychee/mango/strawberry puddings while watching Blind Detective and also gobbled some miniature egg puddings a month ago after being reminded of Giga Pudding for some reason, and a couple of weeks back I noticed these ice-blocks for sale in a local Asian Supermarket. Today I stopped by finally to buy them and they really tasted like pudding, as well as having little chunks of what could be pudding or just normal jelly (?) within. It's very exciting somehow!

To cap it all off — something that we've not had for a long time. There was a huge thunderstorm with the works tonight. What's the occasion?