Get your productivity on: HabitRPG

HabitRPG interface screenshot section

A productivity app for the times is what I would call a little application that was recently introduced to by a colleague.

Rather than a usual productivity application where you can put in your tasks as projects, add due dates and so on, HabitRPG allows you to not only do all that, but adds a gamifying element to overlay the whole thing at the same time. Essentially your life is now a quest of sorts, and every action that you take will give you experience or gold and allow you to progress.

This allows instant gratification, which seems to be the determining factor so far in whether I have continued to use a productivity app.

I have tried Todoist, Trello, and a number of othrer productivity solutions to no avail, but HabitRPG give me a reason to continue to check it rather than abandon it and kindled the motivation to want to instill good habits, such as drink more water or taking the stairs more often. Are these things that you should be doing anyway? Yes, but sometimes it takes a little motivation to get to doing them, same as how making new years’ resolutions doesn’t mean that you’ll necessarily get around to it.

Once these ‘habits’ becomes second nature, you can remove them from the list of good habits you want to instill, if you like. HabitRPG is a fluid application that allows you to use it in the way that you feel is best, which means it’s suitable for a number of different frameworks however you want to interpret it. It took me a while to find my own way of using it, but I’m amazed that I’ve managed to stick with it as long as I have. My way may not be the best way, but it’s not wrong either.

I’ve recently formed a Quest party with a group of friends so it is exciting to go up against our first boss as we try to find our feet and work out just how battling will work. But at the end of it we will be blessed with a polar bear mount and it will all have been worth it. (Oh and I woud have done some things that are beneficial to me and my health too, but that’s secondary to the mount, of course.)

Post Easter Egg

A little bit of joy from their data page, since we all love dissing IE:

Known Bugs

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