HabitRPG Downtime

A thing of wonder - HabitRPG was down today, something that we here at my company have come to rely and depend on in these short few weeks. They have influenced our habits (obviously), created more team spirit, caused us to cheat a little bit as we set tasks as ‘difficult’ and promised ourselves we would do double of a task the next day. It’s created much amusement as we equip and unequip various items, teasing the lower levelled members of the team to arm up already - y’look naked!

That was no more today, as all that resulted was the endless ‘Application Error’.

All jokes aside, the HabitRPG team have done a very good job in creating this amazing application and service to us free of charge and working around the clock to fix the issue. Although it can be frustrating for us on the user end as we want to be able to record all the things we have been able to do today, it is equally frustrating for the app’s developers trying to locate and fix this issue that appeared for no reason.

Update: It seems the result of the crash was due to a large amount of users registering at once, being directed to the website from img.ur, an image sharing website. Spurred by the inspirational (?) images to improve their everyday lives, they swarmed the website, all registering at once and.. brought the world down around them. The HabitRPG team were nice enough to throw everyone into the Inn to protect damage from undone ‘Dailies’, so don’t forget to check out! Can’t help but expect some special item to appear at some point though, as a result of the crash. ;)