Guitars and Harmonising Voices

The radio was playing in my office again today, as it usually does, unfortunately playing the no-longer-palatable MIX106.5, which used to be a pretty good station. Most co-workers have confided in me a familiar distaste having to listen to it everyday, and we usually try to drown ourselves in podcasts instead.

I realised, while trying to ignore the radio and listen to my podcast today, that there was actually probably a couple of songs I can stand to listen to however, and one of these songs was ‘Hey Brother’ by Avicii.

When I mentioned this to Ruben, he blew me off citing that he just couldn’t listen to it, but to me it’s not about Avicii and his electronically generated music. The start of it is okay, and while I don’t like the quality of the middle other than the tune, overall it’s not too bad of a song. People living in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones — I’m not going to start hating on him just because he autotunes his voice when I can’t even sing myself.

That’s just what I think anyway, especially when Kyary also gives her voice that electronic quality.

In any case, I don’t usually listen to the original song though, but usually I look for covers of it usually by indie musicians that upload them to YouTube (which was how I found out about Bastille). Not that I know if they are exactly, but I digress. This cover by Damien McFly has been one that I’ve enjoyed a lot, however I think the one embedded at the top by Andy Lange and Josh Golden is a new favourite, just from how pure it sounds.

The shots are pretty stereotypical, not to mention that a monochrome effect is used, but hey I’m not watching it for the quality of filming here. The passion that is captured as these two men sing their hearts out is a sight to see.

I’ll admit I’m a sucker for harmonising voices. A good violin too, but we can’t all have everything. If Avicii isn’t your taste though, luckily in my listenings I recalled this amazing song I heard performed by students in my grade in high school from the Spring Awakening musical: I Believe. Enjoy~