[Podcast] Rubénerd Show 277

Hi there, hi. You might be interested to know that I made a guest appearance in Ruben’s podcast, (The?) Rubénerd Show Episode 277.

Contrary to what it says in the description, only the first 15 minutes were recorded yesterday (in Mascot), with the rest recorded two weeks ago (in Hornsby). So if you’re only looking for ‘our’ section, skip the first 15 minutes of Ruben talking to himself. ;) Then thrust your mind back to two weeks ago, maybe.

It’s the first time I’ve appeared on a podcast, so perhaps you’ll find it interesting. More information in the link above. I’ve done webinars before, some better than others, but podcasting is both similar yet different, especially since it seems you can go on tangents. If I did that in a webinar, would you all just leave?

I found the jazz music super loud at the end, such that it was distracting from the actual talking, so I’m aware of that issue if you think it’s an issue. If you don’t think so; carry on, carry on.