I am Groot

Drax, from Guardians of the Galaxy movie

On a drizzly Tuesday evening, which seems to be the norm lately, I uncharacteristically headed over to Chatswood Hoyts with Ruben and Seb to watch Guardians of the Galaxy, one of the most recent box office hits, or so they say.

To be honest, I’d first heard of this movie from listening to Back to Work, which revealed to me that Karen Gillan and Zoë Saldana were both appearing in this movie, thus piquing my interest. But I had no idea what it was really about or that it would even involve the level of comedy it did. As the boys say, it’s a movie that doesn’t completely take itself seriously, and has both its serious and comedic moments.

I ended up liking a lot of the characters, and of course Groot is a crowd-pleaser. But my most favourite character so far out of everyone was Drax for a number of reasons from his tragic past (join the club, it seems), to his taking everything literally, to the fact that he doesn’t wear a shirt……. Well. Okay, maybe I enjoyed looking at some of the muscle.

I still didn’t even know Drax’s name until I looked it up after the movie though, and unfortunately some aspects of the movie went over my head/I was unable to follow simply because I was unfamiliar with these characters in the Marvel universe. The things you realise later…

Of course, the real best part however, was all the stunning nebulas they had set up in the background of various scenes. I’ll gladly take one of those as a wallpaper, thanks!