Graphig/Hakodot Mascots of @Rubenerd and myself

Nya Graphig Rubi Graphig

The annoying thing about having a name like Graphig is that sites such as Google simply correct it to 'graphic', thinking they're so smart, which in turn makes finding the images or content you want extremely difficult.

In any case, I'd forgotten where the generator for the adorable pixel icons that were extremely popular at the start of this year were, but after going through many different sites and quite a few Tumblrs which led me to names such as 'box pixel' and the alternate spelling 'grafig' and tutorials that no longer existed, I finally hit upon the Hakodot maker again.

This was the original icon from the generator for the icon of Ruben's mascot, Rubi, above. And this was the original icon generated to make the icon of Nyan above. Well, I cheated a little with Nyan's icon (because of that gradienting), but I'm pretty proud of my effort in making Rubi! :')

Still have a lot to learn and practice though, naturally.