Grapevine Quotable Quotes

Clara with Catherine at Clap Out Ceremony for Year 12 HGHS, 2009

Some Quotable Quotes from an old notebook which I used in high school. Some were submitted to the Grapevine — the magazine released at the end of each term, created by the students of Year 11. Some were not because of their relative obscurity at the time.

That and the fact they're not all that funny. Still, enjoy a snapshot of my high school life. ;)

Student: Where's Mr Marshall?
Teacher: I think he's down at the injections.
Student: He's getting immunised for cervical cancer?
Clara: I think I was the only person who didn't wear a dress at the formal.
Ellen: Well, apart from the guys.
Student: *sees student pulling tomatoes off a tomato and cheese melt and... disposing of them* What's the point of a tomato and cheese melt if there's no tomatoes?
Student 1: *looks at neighbour's ruler* Water resistant? Aren't all rulers water resistant?
Student 2: It says shatter resistant.