Graduation, Today and 5 Years Past

Normanhurst Boys Graduation pamphlet 2014

Today I attended my brother’s high school graduation — a big deal when you’re doing it — but five years later and a degree under your belt, you wonder what all the fuss was about.

There’s 4 years difference between my brother and I, so this kinda snuck up on me. Before I realised it, he’s also doing his HSC, and I have no idea what I’ve done since, or where the years went.

Yep, 5 years ago around this date was my graduation from high school, and it’s a pretty weird feeling sitting there and just nodding knowingly — or shaking my head knowingly, as it were. The HSC will be the hardest thing you ever do? Not likely, but it will make difficult things that come later down the track easier to tackle… this is similar with some other kinds of experiences.

So in commemoration, have a picture of me taken by our then resident photographer, Samantha Niell, more or less 5 years ago (before graduation), wearing a long, thick black jacket and my school hat as I stood, cramming feverishly outside the school hall for Trial HSC English Paper 1 (not the actual HSC), on our beloved subject of Belonging. Note that I’m one of the few that am though, because of my lazy ass.

Speaking of Belonging though, there was a classic quote about that tonight:

Student A: So what have we gained in our 6 years of high school?
Student B: ... I don't know.
Student C: ... A piece of paper.
Student A: No, really! (I'm being serious.)
Student C: A piece of paper.
Student B: Dare I say, we've gained a sense of belonging?
[Alternating groans or cries of outrage are heard as everyone who has either done or will be doing Belonging for their HSC English exams remembers the arduous experience]

Whether you’re a Belonging student or a Journeys student, the experience of the dreaded HSC will loom over you for many years to come… may my next graduation be a bit more memorable!