Gough Whitlam

Australian flag at half mast

I don’t think I could really put it much better than Julia Gillard does here:

"Gough will live always in our nation which he transformed throughout his long public life," Ms Gillard wrote in a piece published by The Guardian.

"He is alive in our universities and the many lives he changed by giving free access to university education, my life included in that count. Alive in Medicare and the uniquely Australian health system we now take for granted. Alive in our suburbs and in our family law. Alive in our suburbs and in our family law. Alive in our relationship with China and our multicultural society. Alive in our embrace of land rights for indigenous Australians and our hope for a truly reconciled future."

All of that, Abbott and others have slowly and gradually started tearing down throughout the years… Wake up to what you’re doing. Nonetheless, it is quite a massive legacy he has left for the people of Australia.

While neither I nor my parents got to experience the free education, we still have benefit off Australia’s health system and the multicultural society today, our consumer laws and much more besides. If he hadn’t made these changes, would my parents have decided to come to Australia as they did?

Ruben has a list of coverage if you want to read more. There are also plenty more great quotes from former leaders, former MPs and current MPs at the link above.

A nation remembers.