Google's New Logo

Google's new logo

Hey, look at that. Bandwagon rider again, joining the hoards of people all commenting on this matter.

People love to hate and love to love new logo designs, it’s either “committee-designed, soulless junk” or “a colo[u]rful sans-serif treat”. I’m bucking the trend to say that I don’t really have an preference for their new logo or old one. The new one is not gauge-my-eyes-out horrible and the old one is not necessarily the bees knees either.

To be honest I did feel like the old one was looking dated, but it served its purpose to represent an iconic brand in its many rearrangements. I’ve always thought people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones, but clearly others think not. What is interesting amongst all this is the carelessly thrown in graphic of the design boards with the various ideas in their blogpost. I would be curious as to why these other designs were scrapped in favour of this present one.

Would be? In fact - I am curious.

Regardless, it seems a playful and fun nature is desired these days. All the more emphasised by their gif animation on the homepage today. Not to mention through their blogpost (emphasis mine):

We wanted to retain these qualities by combining the mathematical purity of geometric forms with the childlike simplicity of schoolbook letter printing.

Not sure about the colourful microphone icon on the other hand that will be making an appearance on Android phones, I presume. But as with many brand redesigns (or really any of their decisions), whether you like it or not, the response will be fuck y’all, we do what we want. Time to get on with my life.

In more amusing news, it seems the logo was blocked in Google Chrome, because it was animated in Flash and Chrome is now blocking Flash unless you interact with it. I seem to have obtained a gif just fine though, so I assume it’s been fixed.