Google Maps Adventures

Mum's House on Google map Youknowdavid on Google map

While completing a couple of the several tasks I'd been asked to do at work for the day and as usual not quite understanding what I was doing, I stumbled across some very strange maps while researching places and postcodes. At first I thought it must have been another product of my sleep deprived brain, but since these are screenshots and therefore graphical proof, perhaps not the case.

Among hotels called 'Mum's House' and a place called 'Youknowdavid', either someone is trolling extremely hard without being caught out for it or these places actually exist. These names appear within a small area too, since the two maps only differ through degree of magnification and a small downward shift.

Perhaps it bears checking out considering these places are just in the neighbouring North Strathfield, in Northern Sydney. You could even go to O'Brien's afterward for a spud or sandwich (I do like their spuds). Admittedly, I don't know the area well and with all those Koreans just one suburb down, who can say what's really 'usual' or not?

I have to wonder if there are any other places like these on Google Maps. Arguably, why am I using Google Maps anyway? Well, it's just one of the many sacrifices you make to earn money. Like using Windows 7. At least it isn't Windows 8.

In any case, that wasn't the only interesting name I came across today in my postcode search. One of these days I'd like to go to Scone and have some tea and scones there in whatever coffee shop or cafe I happen across. What better way to celebrate a name like that? The postcode of Scone (NSW) is 2337, by the way.