[Lectora] Google Drive Spreadsheet works with Lectora Forms

Screenshot of Google Drive spreadsheet to link to a Lectora form

Good news - for those who wanted to link up their Lectora to submit forms to a Google Drive spreadsheet, this feature has been fixed in Lectora V12. This feature was broken in Lectora V11 late last year due to an update with the Google Drive API, which meant that all existing documents created on the API still worked, but any newly created documents defaulted to the new API. There was also the impending threat that Google would update all old spreadsheets to the new API before the release of Lectora V12.

However, I’ve received confirmation that this issue is fully resolved in Lectora V12. To get the link to capture the information into the spreadsheet, simply go to Form > Go to Live Form and copy the link from there, rather than copy the sheet URL from the address bar as before.

Don’t forget that you’ll have to use one of the Lectora Test/Survey Submission templates in order to create a spreadsheet that will work properly with Lectora.