Google Docs Integration with Lectora Inspire

Browse error with Google Docs integration

As you may be aware, the most recent Lectora Inspire (Version 11) developed by Trivantis has thus far kept up to date with the technology world, by providing a feature that allows course integration with Google Docs (now Google Drive).

How this works is that essentially form data and test results can be inputted into a Google Spreadsheet through creating a form through the Test/Survey option in Lectora that targets the URL of the set up Google Drive spreadsheet, and further creating a submission action to transmit the test results.

As of this month however, this feature will not be working on any newly created until an update can be pushed, as Google have made changes to any new spreadsheet that is created within Google Drive, requiring use of its new API. This change affects how the learner data must be submitted in order for it to be received. It’s not known at this time how the submission was done previously, but this now will result in a ‘not found’ error even in previously working courses. I expect a flurry of support calls or emails about this issue in the coming few weeks.

A couple of weeks ago, there was another issue with Google Docs however, which regarded recent changes to Internet Explorer 8’s security settings. This issue does not occur in more up to date versions of Internet Explorer, for example 10 and 11, but was an issue for both 8, 9; which are unfortunately still popular for organisations.

Should that issue occur again despite best attempts, the solution was to go to Internet Options, then the Security tab, click the Custom Level button and scroll down to change ‘Access data sources across domains’ to Disable rather than enabled, to allow the communication. This may have been changed during a recent Windows Update. Although not an ideal solution, it is one that works.

Update 2014-11-13: ETA that this feature still works for any Google Drive Spreadsheets that have not been updated to use the new API, but it’s likely this will not be working for too much longer as they will eventually also be updated.