Goodbye, Tony Abbott. Hello, Malcolm Turnbull

It’s the news that everyone’s talking about, and apparently took about a minute to hit world news. To be honest, I’m more interested in the new episode of Gruen than politics, but it’s definitely the news some of us were waiting for - Tony Abbott is no longer Prime Minister of Australia, ‘ousted’ by Malcolm Turnbull and Julie Bishop.

To be honest, I’m not sure the trade is much better than having Abbott as Prime Minister - Malcolm Turnbull is no bumbling fool like Abbott is, but he’s dangerous in his own way. It’s like they say. But let’s look at some interesting facts from Social Media about Tony Abbott’s ‘ousting’, or Malcolm Turnbull’s being ‘elected in’. Whichever way you want to put it, both in inverted commas.

Wait, what was that last one…

Anyway, when I first became of voting age several years ago, it was just in time to be a part of the first of this mess when we voted between Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott and since then it’s been a continual downhill slide. I don’t recall which I voted for anymore - it feels like a long, long time ago. Same as how Abbott’s reign felt like it was at least double what it has been already.

I remember how disappointed I was when John Howard lost the election to Kevin Rudd in 2007 though - he was the only Prime Minister I’d known my whole life, whatever wrong he’d done, whatever his attitude and treatment of people like me (Asians), I had been blissfully unaware of. I just thought he would be around forever, not understanding how politics works in the slightest (how naive). But it was time for him to step aside - KRudd brought new and exciting ideas.. until Labour spill happened.

From my British colleague:

You seem to have replaced one idiotic dickhead, with one dickhead who is relatively intelligent.

Sounds about right so far. Let’s see what tomorrow brings.