Goodbye n7000, I hardly knew you


A few weeks ago, I said goodbye to my Samsung Galaxy Note I, otherwise known as the Samsung n7000. After weeks or even months of it freezing to white screens of death, I had installed CyanogenMod on it, which helped for a while and made the phone fast and operable again before it carked it for good on my very first day of work.

Since then, I've been subsisting on a combination of iPad and various Android devices. I lost my small Huawei U8180 on the train, my Dell Streak 7 tablet was next to useless with its dodgy charging port, and my old Optus ZTE MyTab was slower than treacle — but at least operational. Finally this month, I decided to purchase a second hand iPhone 4S.

It's been my intention to get an iPhone once my contract ended in mid-July of this year, but my phone's early departure has thrown somewhat of a spanner in the works, and I knew I didn't want to continue with this combination for the next six months. Likely I won't be purchasing an iPhone 5C or 5S anytime soon now, but that only means the possibility of a cheaper phone when the iPhone 6 comes out, or even just aiming for the iPhone 6 altogether. ;)

More on that in another post!


Why I went back to Apple

What a typical and obnoxious heading, but even though most of my devices now are Apple branded (my MacBook, my iPad, my wireless keyboard and Magic Trackpad), my phone has remained as Android for the longest time. Largely the reason for my love of my Samsung phone was the large screen on it — which would even by standards now be considered small when measured against Samsung's latest devices.

But over the past few weeks, I've realised that I don't need such a big screen. In fact, at times such a screen had hampered me more than helped me, as I watched people like Ruben operate an iPhone with one hand, whereas I always needed two.

The reason I wanted and needed such a big screen before was largely because I'd started my smartphone journey with the Optus ZTE MyTab tablet I'd mentioned previously, before moving onto my Dell Streak 7 tablet. Meaning I'd never had to survive without 7" of screen space before. I've slowly become accustomed to smaller sizes though, it seems, over the months.


The major reason I went back, however, was that Android devices were always difficult to sync with all my Apple stuff. It was like a one-way street, anything on my MacBook and iPad I was unable to access on my phone, and vice-versa. Unless services like Dropbox came into play, but even this was only a solution for very specific types of files.

I couldn't get the same apps (paying twice as much for different apps on different devices), or apps that suited my use case were not often available on the Play Store, whereas there was always a plethora of iOS apps that I would have gladly used. And did use on my iPad, in fact.

I could also never find cases for my phone, whereas iPhone cases were always readily available, even for iPhone 4's, which date before the Samsung Galaxy Note. A small irritation, but one nonetheless.

In any case, I'm hoping this switch will bring greater benefits into bringing all my files more in sync and allowing me to work more productively on the go again. Having a phone I can feel like I can rely on because it won't crash in the night or not charge because of dodgy cables and charging ports is a great relief. Hopefully it's up and up from here on!