Goodbye, Mitsubishi Nimbus

Mitsubishi Nimbus flier

This Mitsubishi Nimbus was a car that we had for almost 18 years, and today we said goodbye to it. It’s almost the only car that I can remember, and we’ve had it for as long as we’ve had our current house - though I still have vague recollections at times of the old Ford that we had back when we also lived in a different house.

When I was little, I dreamed of inheriting this car when I grew up. I wanted to drive it. I loved that it was red. My brother could take the house if he wanted (I preferred apartments anyway), but I wanted that car. Forgetting, of course, that cars suffer wear and tear everyday.

Family car getting towed off the middle of the road

It was not to be though, as time passed and I delayed getting my driver’s license time and time again. After a breakdown in the middle of the road, and a string of other failures which had it struggling to go up hills as well as the air conditioning giving out, my parents decided this week that it was time to get a new car. The old one would be sold back to the dealership for a measly thousand dollars.

A thousand dollars of memories, trips interstate and family trips. You’ve served us well.