Goodbye First Years' Lounge

First years' lounge, demolished, by Chris Deigan

Chris, or @soapu on Twitter, posted an image on Facebook this evening of the First Years’ Lounge in Building 10 of the University of Technology, Sydney, completely ripped up with no indication to show that it was once there at all.

With it, goes the four breakout rooms that used to run down the corridor that were great for groupwork, and group study when exams were upcoming, although there was always a great deal of competition amongst peers to bag one.

I remember being in the first years’ lounge in my first year, and each year after that, although I visited it increasingly less as the years ticked by and I no longer had PIN access to the room. The television in there was always interesting as people brought in consoles and hooked them up or tuned in to the Melbourne Cup on Melbourne Cup Day. There was an assortment of interesting yet somewhat comfortable furniture, banged up and sometimes used in a very suggestive and strange manner.

Best of all though, it had hot and filtered cold water facilities and paper towel, which never seemed to appear anywhere else in the university. There was also a fridge, and microwave for all those cold lunches unless you wanted to make a dash to the Concourse.

Goodbye, Building 10 First Years’ Lounge. It was great knowing you and I’ve had many good times hanging out in there with BIT friends, BScIT friends, anime club friends and even my Masters friends. Of running back to the breakout rooms with boxes of pizza in my hands where Ruben, Andie and Steve worked on their Cloud Enterprise assignment on Halloween.

While I wish I had the opportunity to document more of it while it was there, at least we’ll have the memories. I wish luck to all who stored their belongings in the lockers that were around there in getting their items back!

Photo taken by Chris Deigan.