Goodbye Doctors

Doctor Who - The Time of the Doctor

Predictably, early this morning Australian time, the Doctor Who Christmas special was revealed to all, and we said goodbye to Matt Smith as the current Doctor. Seb has already written a heartfelt goodbye to him, but I still don't know how I feel about the end of Matt Smith's reign, because like Seb puts it — David Tennant was my Doctor.

I don't think I gave David Tennant the goodbye he deserved in my last post so this shall be a combined one for both, I suppose. I first started watching Doctor Who in a rerun of Army of Ghosts, the penultimate episode of the second series, which my brother was watching on the family computer. Perhaps it was a rerun or perhaps it wasn't, but having had my curiosity piqued I loaned his collection and began to devour what we had, going out and buying the Doctor Who DVDs to fill in the gaps of what we didn't.

Then I sat down to watch The Runaway Bride at Christmas.

Doctor Who - Smith and Jones

Truthfully, the reason I then took a 3 year long hiatus from the series was because of how reluctant I was to truly say goodbye to my Doctor. Like Ruben admits that sometimes he doesn't complete series for the sake of knowing there is more, I didn't want to see how the Doctor would go to hang on. In that sense, Seb's certainly a lot braver than I am.

I'm like him with Tennant, I haven't known Matt Smith long enough for him to be my Doctor, but Tennant was mine all along. Matt Smith created something amazing, and he changed the face of the series forever — however nostalgic I am about the old Tenth times, Eleventh has made an immeasurable mark. Going from the young and fresh Doctor to the Doctor with the sad old eyes, it has been quite the journey which has indeed created a great deal of new puns, and funny jokes, and even a new name — Raggedy Man.

Doctor Who - The Time of the Doctor

His ways of speaking, some mannerisms, yes in many ways he reminded me of my Doctor, but Tenth was the Doctor who made me want to wear a floor length coat, look at Converse shoes as a viable shoewear option, and look at red and blue 3D glasses differently as something more than recyclable.

Goodbye Doctors, it's been a good run. Thank you for all you've given.

Smith and Jones screencap from Matt's Notepad.