Goodbye, Animania

By えびすし on Pixiv

My first convention I happen to have already discussed in my post about my first cosplay, however for some their first convention was Animania and today, was the end of a dream for some as Animania hosted their finale event.

Animania has been around since 2002, so has been around for 12 years already, however as some have reported it ‘has been in a slow decline’ for some time, such that it felt to some that this was going to be inevitable if they did not try to change their game. From repeat guests from other conventions (with sizable fees to receive signings and for photos) to slow announcements and updates, there being no schedules up on the website even close to the event date.

Most people only went to Animania for the cosplay crowd, and hung around in the carpark area, rather than going inside the actual event, as ticket prices were steep and the area was surprisingly well outfitted for cosplay photoshoots.

Regardless, my one experience of Animania in 2011 when I went with Wonk was largely positive, but possibly largely because it was my first convention where I was not required to work for the event and was able to enjoy the event at my own pace. That being said, there was not that much to do, eventually resulting in us sitting down and talking or waiting around for the guest events. The warehouse feeling of the site was also not that welcoming.

That said, it is still sad that Animania will be disappearing after such a long run. With Manifest also closing its doors in November last year because of the introduction of several new anime and pop culture conventions, it seems that many names have dropped off the list of the ‘traditional’ conventions, if I can call them that. Manifest and Animania are the big names, and I still have a selection of postcards from 2006, which was the first time I had heard of the event, although I could not attend because I was still in high school.

RIP Animania.

Illust by えびすし, on Pixiv.