VividRed Prepainted Isshiki Akane

VividRed 1/8 Scale figure - Akane

The figma came out earlier and finally we have a pre-painted Isshiki Akane figure in 1/8 scale by none other than Good Smile Company! She's pretty cute, although with most figures where their feet don't actually touch the ground, having that pole-like thing coming out the bike does look a bit weird, but better than having it come out from under her skirt like some figures - then again, Akane doesn't wear a skirt, does she? I much prefer the figma's way of having that support in a clear plastic so that it's not so obvious though.

The sculpting and detailing all look rather nice, though I will be waiting for more images to see what she looks like from different angles. The 'lights' almost look as if they could glow, I'm quite impressed. Generally if it's Good Smile Company though, I'm willing to given them benefit of the doubt since they usually churn out fairly high quality figures. This is apparently worth appreciating.

I wonder if there will be a figure of VividRed herself soon? Apparently there are preorders about for some other characters, though if I were considering buying one, I might wait for a cuter pose. Above figure is due to release in August, though I wouldn't hold my breath.

Other VividRed figures Nendroid Petits of Isshiki Akane and Kuroki Rei from Good Smile Company that come with magazines.

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